Witamy w Biebrzańskiej Krainie!

Oferujemy Państwu drewniany, całoroczny dom znajdujący się w naszym obejściu. Prowadzimy niewielkie, ekologiczne gospodarstwo rolne. Nasze podwórko zamieszkują krowy, świnie, króliki, pies i bocian. Atutem jest Biebrzański Park Narodowy, będący na wyciągnięcie ręki. To tu przez cały rok zjeżdżają miłośnicy dziewiczej przyrody, podróżnicy, fotografowie i ornitolodzy z Polski i Europy.

Biebrza National Park

In our immediate vicinity Biebrza National Park. It is the largest of Polish national parks, rich in natural wealth. It is famous for the communities of aquatic, wetland, peat bogs. He lives here many birds rarely seen in other areas. Park draws many photographers from around the world to capture the beauty of nature.
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Animal watching

The park and its surroundings are organized by professional guides expeditions to observe the animals. They are prepared special programs for children and persevering observers who are willing to even wade through swamps at night to watch rare animals. Thanks to the guides we close encounter elk, white-tailed eagles or battalions.
We are happy to provide you with detailed information.




From our agritourism you can easily reach the ski slope in Rybno. This is a unique opportunity to combine the pleasure of skiing with peace Biebrza nature.





Kayaks, bicycles

In our agritourism it is also possible to rent bicycles and kayaks - is another way to explore the beauty of the surrounding nature.



Other attractions

In addition we offer:

  • playground at the recreational area of ​​the yard (fenced, safe)
  • place on grill, fireplace, tent, camping
  • the opportunity to participate in farm chores (feeding the animals, milking cows, collecting eggs, output of cows on pasture, field work)
  • mini museum on the farm (the former everyday items, agricultural tools)